Your Result: E. Honda


Though others may view you as something of a joke, you are serious business. In fact, the scorn of others is your primary motivator, and you relish opportunities to prove not only your equality, but your superiority. Although horrifically obese, you are quite nimble–able to project your body like a missile or slap someone repeatedly so quickly your hand appears as one blur. You are not the first choice of beginners, but an acquired taste that only more advanced minds appreciate. Resist the temptation to appeal to the masses, stay true to your traditions and you will small but loyal following.

Horrifically obese?!  :(

No thanks, Gook(en)

I’m done with Gouken.  He just doesn’t seem very good.  He’s too slow and he needs better pokes.

I started messing around wtih C. Viper and I think there’s a good chance I’ll end up maining her.  She seems really fun to play, and she seems to be a momentum based character, just like Magneto.

I wish I had more to write but I haven’t been playing much lately.  Maybe I should stop hanging out with friends, lol.

Abel out, Gouken in

I know I said I was going to play a different character each day but it really wasn’t enough time to get used to Abel.  Now, after messing around with him for three days,  I feel like I have a pretty decent understanding of the character and I’m ready to move on.  Overall I would say that Abel seems like a pretty strong character.  He has decent stamina, a strong ultra and a lot of offensive options with his f+mk and his command roll.    However I think he has a hard time against characters with good mid-far pokes.  Abel’s best poke seems to be because it has good priority and combos into rekkas, but the range on it isn’t very good.  I had a hard time getting in on characters with longer pokes like Sim and Dictator.  I think once I go through the cast and get a better feel for the game, I could see myself coming back and picking Abel as a main or secondary character.  But enough of Abel, let’s move forward-

The next character I’ve decided to try is Gouken.


I haven’t had a lot of time to mess around with Gouken, but I noticed that he seems to have a lot of high damage options.  Back throw into super/ultra seems great, and s.hp xx EX dash punch, hp dash punch does something like 30-35%.  However I think everyone’s going to be watching for his back throw and so I don’t think I’ll be able to rely on that as a consistent source of damage.  I hope his counters are good, otherwise Gouken is probably going to end up being a really simple character.

Ready, willing and Abel

After messing around with Ryu I decided I should try a completely new character so I wouldn’t rely on strategies from previous games so I’ve been playing with Abel and he seems like he’s pretty decent.

His Ultra is really strong (I think it does around 45% against normal characters?) and it goes through projectiles, which is pretty nice. I think you might be able to hit people out of the air with it, but I’m not sure. and seem like good pokes- they have decent priority and combo into rekkas. EX rekkas have focus armor so they can eat through a projectile and keep going, and EX flip kick goes through them completely, I think. I don’t think his air grab is very useful because it has short range and low priority, but I guess I think its good for comboing into after a c.hp? And his command grab is… weird. I think it has slow startup or really short range because there are times when I think it should hit, but it whiffs instead. Maybe I’m just too used to Gief’s gdlk SPD range. It does seem to be effective right after a command roll though. Abel VS…

Guile – This is the only matchup that sticks out in my mind because I don’t understand it very well. I think I’m supposed to roll a lot against him, because I can’t seem to outpoke him, and I can’t ultra through his Sonic Boom because he recovers too quickly. I probably just need to get better with poking. I also don’t know how to crossup with Abel so I think that’s hurting me a lot in this matchup.

I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface with Abel so I’m probably going to keep playing him for another day, at least until I learn how to properly apply pressure with him and combo into his Ultra.

One day, one character: Ryu

I’ve decided to stick to playing 1 character a day until I’ve gone through the entire cast. I figure this will make help me focus and learn the basics of each character instead of just messing around with characters for a couple rounds and going back to someone familiar.

Today I used Ryu, who seems like a really good character. He seems to have a lot of good options, decent stamina, and good damage output. Its nice being able to link an ultra after early/traded SRKs. Ryu VS…

El Fuerte – I have problems with this matchup, and I think its because I really don’t understand Fuerte. I get crossed up a lot by his splash, and if I do block it, it seems like he rolls away too quickly for me to punish. I think I might have caught him with a sweep once after blocking, so maybe I just have to be faster. I really don’t know how to approach this fight.

Dictator – I think the key to this fight is just to be patient because Dict. doesn’t seem to have a lot of safe options. He can poke and Scissor Kick from far away but I think if I just keep blocking there isn’t much he can do. I also have to learn how to properly punish head stomps/devil’s reverses. Maybe its not even possible?

Blanka – Again, I think I just need to be patient in this matchup. I have to remember that the hopping Blanka ball can cross up, and that Electricity seems to trade less if I wait a second before trying to trip him out of it. Or maybe I’m just too close sometimes, I’m not sure.

Guile – I think I just need to rush this guy down. Once I learn how to focus and dash forward more safely I think this matchup will be easier for me. But for the time being, this match is pretty difficult for me. Guile seems to outpoke me, and I’m afraid to throw fireballs from close/mid-range because he recovers more quickly after throwing a Sonic Boom.

So fkn hype!

Gahh listening to this djWHEAT podcast with Gootecks and Justin Wong has got me so hype.

I’ve been trying to play for at least an hour or two each day, online or off.  I’m pretty pleased with the online play for XBox 360- if I play against someone with 3 or more bars there usually isn’t much lag.  I’ve mostly been playing with Zangief because his play style seems the most straight forward.  I feel like there aren’t a lot of options so its easier for me to pick and choose what to do, although I really shouldn’t be copping out and taking the easy route. Oh, and I learned how to combo c. lp, s. lk xx Green Hand, so I finally have more than one option (tick SPD) after cross up Splash ^^

Gief VS…

Ryu – I’ve been playing against a LOT of Ryus lately.  These matches haven’t been bad because it seems like a lot of Ryus dont understand how to poke/zone properly.  If I slowly walk foward, eventually they’ll throw a hadoken that I can EX Green Hand through, or they’ll try to SRK and I can SPD.

Sagat – I really don’t understand how to fight Sagat with Gief.  It seems like he has so many good options to keep me out

Blanka – I played against Blanka for the first time yesterday and I really didn’t know how to fight against him.  From what I can tell, Gief can’t punish a blocked ball and I’m not fast enough to do a Lariat on reaction.  I get hit by a lot of slides, too.  I think from up close I can hit the recovery with a  Green Hand (?) but I think from farther away it’s safe.  I also didn’t know Blanka’s ultra hits as an overhead on the way down -_-

I should really stop playing Gief because I don’t think I’m going to end up using him as my main.  I’m still unfamiliar with about half of the cast, but as of now I think I want to use: Ryu, Sagat, Viper, Akuma, Boxer or Sim.

Everybody but Seth

I feel pretty good right now.  I unlocked Akuma and Gouken last night, and today I got my very first win on Xbox Live!  I was using Zangief and my opponent was using Sagat.  That matchup seems pretty rough, but luckily the Sagat player didn’t really know what he was doing.  But hey, a win is a win, right?

I’m not sure of the actual matchup statistics, but it seems like a pretty bad fight for Gief.  I know EX Green Hand goes through projectiles, but s. hk seems pretty hard to get around.  I’m probably not being patient enough.

I also started going through the “challenges” for Ryu, and I’m stuck on this combo:

focus attack
f + hp
c. hp
shinkuu hadoken

The f+hp, c. hp link is pretty rough and if I manage to get it, a fireball or super fireball comes out afterwards instead of an uppercut.  I guess I have to move the stick from down to forward (from c. hp > shoryuken) and avoid the df otherwise it registers as two quarter circles and does a super fireball?