Everybody but Seth

I feel pretty good right now.  I unlocked Akuma and Gouken last night, and today I got my very first win on Xbox Live!  I was using Zangief and my opponent was using Sagat.  That matchup seems pretty rough, but luckily the Sagat player didn’t really know what he was doing.  But hey, a win is a win, right?

I’m not sure of the actual matchup statistics, but it seems like a pretty bad fight for Gief.  I know EX Green Hand goes through projectiles, but s. hk seems pretty hard to get around.  I’m probably not being patient enough.

I also started going through the “challenges” for Ryu, and I’m stuck on this combo:

focus attack
f + hp
c. hp
shinkuu hadoken

The f+hp, c. hp link is pretty rough and if I manage to get it, a fireball or super fireball comes out afterwards instead of an uppercut.  I guess I have to move the stick from down to forward (from c. hp > shoryuken) and avoid the df otherwise it registers as two quarter circles and does a super fireball?

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