So fkn hype!

Gahh listening to this djWHEAT podcast with Gootecks and Justin Wong has got me so hype.

I’ve been trying to play for at least an hour or two each day, online or off.  I’m pretty pleased with the online play for XBox 360- if I play against someone with 3 or more bars there usually isn’t much lag.  I’ve mostly been playing with Zangief because his play style seems the most straight forward.  I feel like there aren’t a lot of options so its easier for me to pick and choose what to do, although I really shouldn’t be copping out and taking the easy route. Oh, and I learned how to combo c. lp, s. lk xx Green Hand, so I finally have more than one option (tick SPD) after cross up Splash ^^

Gief VS…

Ryu – I’ve been playing against a LOT of Ryus lately.  These matches haven’t been bad because it seems like a lot of Ryus dont understand how to poke/zone properly.  If I slowly walk foward, eventually they’ll throw a hadoken that I can EX Green Hand through, or they’ll try to SRK and I can SPD.

Sagat – I really don’t understand how to fight Sagat with Gief.  It seems like he has so many good options to keep me out

Blanka – I played against Blanka for the first time yesterday and I really didn’t know how to fight against him.  From what I can tell, Gief can’t punish a blocked ball and I’m not fast enough to do a Lariat on reaction.  I get hit by a lot of slides, too.  I think from up close I can hit the recovery with a  Green Hand (?) but I think from farther away it’s safe.  I also didn’t know Blanka’s ultra hits as an overhead on the way down -_-

I should really stop playing Gief because I don’t think I’m going to end up using him as my main.  I’m still unfamiliar with about half of the cast, but as of now I think I want to use: Ryu, Sagat, Viper, Akuma, Boxer or Sim.

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