One day, one character: Ryu

I’ve decided to stick to playing 1 character a day until I’ve gone through the entire cast. I figure this will make help me focus and learn the basics of each character instead of just messing around with characters for a couple rounds and going back to someone familiar.

Today I used Ryu, who seems like a really good character. He seems to have a lot of good options, decent stamina, and good damage output. Its nice being able to link an ultra after early/traded SRKs. Ryu VS…

El Fuerte – I have problems with this matchup, and I think its because I really don’t understand Fuerte. I get crossed up a lot by his splash, and if I do block it, it seems like he rolls away too quickly for me to punish. I think I might have caught him with a sweep once after blocking, so maybe I just have to be faster. I really don’t know how to approach this fight.

Dictator – I think the key to this fight is just to be patient because Dict. doesn’t seem to have a lot of safe options. He can poke and Scissor Kick from far away but I think if I just keep blocking there isn’t much he can do. I also have to learn how to properly punish head stomps/devil’s reverses. Maybe its not even possible?

Blanka – Again, I think I just need to be patient in this matchup. I have to remember that the hopping Blanka ball can cross up, and that Electricity seems to trade less if I wait a second before trying to trip him out of it. Or maybe I’m just too close sometimes, I’m not sure.

Guile – I think I just need to rush this guy down. Once I learn how to focus and dash forward more safely I think this matchup will be easier for me. But for the time being, this match is pretty difficult for me. Guile seems to outpoke me, and I’m afraid to throw fireballs from close/mid-range because he recovers more quickly after throwing a Sonic Boom.

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