Ready, willing and Abel

After messing around with Ryu I decided I should try a completely new character so I wouldn’t rely on strategies from previous games so I’ve been playing with Abel and he seems like he’s pretty decent.

His Ultra is really strong (I think it does around 45% against normal characters?) and it goes through projectiles, which is pretty nice. I think you might be able to hit people out of the air with it, but I’m not sure. and seem like good pokes- they have decent priority and combo into rekkas. EX rekkas have focus armor so they can eat through a projectile and keep going, and EX flip kick goes through them completely, I think. I don’t think his air grab is very useful because it has short range and low priority, but I guess I think its good for comboing into after a c.hp? And his command grab is… weird. I think it has slow startup or really short range because there are times when I think it should hit, but it whiffs instead. Maybe I’m just too used to Gief’s gdlk SPD range. It does seem to be effective right after a command roll though. Abel VS…

Guile – This is the only matchup that sticks out in my mind because I don’t understand it very well. I think I’m supposed to roll a lot against him, because I can’t seem to outpoke him, and I can’t ultra through his Sonic Boom because he recovers too quickly. I probably just need to get better with poking. I also don’t know how to crossup with Abel so I think that’s hurting me a lot in this matchup.

I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface with Abel so I’m probably going to keep playing him for another day, at least until I learn how to properly apply pressure with him and combo into his Ultra.

One response to “Ready, willing and Abel

  1. abble wins

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