Abel out, Gouken in

I know I said I was going to play a different character each day but it really wasn’t enough time to get used to Abel.  Now, after messing around with him for three days,  I feel like I have a pretty decent understanding of the character and I’m ready to move on.  Overall I would say that Abel seems like a pretty strong character.  He has decent stamina, a strong ultra and a lot of offensive options with his f+mk and his command roll.    However I think he has a hard time against characters with good mid-far pokes.  Abel’s best poke seems to be c.mp because it has good priority and combos into rekkas, but the range on it isn’t very good.  I had a hard time getting in on characters with longer pokes like Sim and Dictator.  I think once I go through the cast and get a better feel for the game, I could see myself coming back and picking Abel as a main or secondary character.  But enough of Abel, let’s move forward-

The next character I’ve decided to try is Gouken.


I haven’t had a lot of time to mess around with Gouken, but I noticed that he seems to have a lot of high damage options.  Back throw into super/ultra seems great, and s.hp xx EX dash punch, hp dash punch does something like 30-35%.  However I think everyone’s going to be watching for his back throw and so I don’t think I’ll be able to rely on that as a consistent source of damage.  I hope his counters are good, otherwise Gouken is probably going to end up being a really simple character.

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